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24 April 2023 • Position Paper

Managing the Transition from Fossil Fuels to Renewables

"Transitioning away from fossil fuels and toward renewable forms of energy is a critical step for addressing climate change, improving public health, and ensuring global sustainability. This position paper discusses the process of transitioning away from fossil fuels in favor of renewable forms of energy. Timing is important as emissions continue to grow.

As background, fossil fuels are considered non-renewable energy sources because they take millions of years to form and cannot be replenished quickly. "

23 April 2023 • Press Release

Verified Credits LLC Announces Exclusive Carbon Credits Registry Partnership With Zoetic Global

"Verified Credits LLC announced today that it has been named as the exclusive carbon credits registry for Zoetic Global, a solutions provider focused on delivering critical energy, water, food, and healthcare technologies to areas of greatest need."

13 March 2023 • Press Release

Verified Credits LLC Announces Retail Sales of Atmosphere Group Super Carbon Credits

"Verified Credits LLC announced today that consumers and businesses now have the ability to purchase Atmosphere Group Super Credits to offset their annual carbon footprint and to achieve “net zero” emissions."

20 February 2023 • Press Release

Verified Credits LLC Acquired Carbon Based Assets of Tesla Carbon Bank

"Verified Credits LLC, a carbon credit registry and exchange, announced today that it has acquired the carbon credit assets of Tesla Carbon Bank. he platform supports individuals, families, and their pets as they work to become net zero and offset their carbon footprint."

12 February 2023 • White Paper

Atmosphere Super Carbon Credit Offset Subscriptions

"Individuals and businesses can offset their own GHG emissions by purchasing a sufficient quantity of Super Carbon Credits. The typical individual in the United States is responsible for 16 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. This is based on the average mileage driven each year, the amount of electricity used, travel onboard airplanes and cruise ships, and consumption of food, and the manufacturing of other goods. Atmosphere provides a subscription service where consumers can purchase 1.33 Super Carbon Credits per month to achieve a net zero carbon footprint on a personal basis."

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