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Zoetic Super Carbon Credit Subscription

Zoetic’s Super Offset Credit Subscription allows consumers to purchase 1.33 Super Carbon Credits per month to achieve a net zero carbon footprint on a personal basis. By subscribing to our package, you will offset your yearly emissions of over 16 tons of carbon dioxide that are typical for US individuals based on the average mileage driven each year, the amount of electricity used, travel onboard airplanes and cruise ships, and consumption of food, and the manufacturing of other goods. Our Super Credit combines Nature Based credits with Zoetic avoidance credits, so you’ll be helping to protect our planet in multiple ways. 

Climate change has been identified as a significant global challenge for the foreseeable future. A solution to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions via a market mechanism was proposed in the Kyoto protocol. In this view, carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are considered commodities, forming a carbon trading system. Emissions are then capped at a theoretical level for a specific geography, and entities that exceed the permitted levels may offset their emissions by purchasing an allowance of carbon dioxide from those that produce at a level that is level than their baseline. In addition, projects and technologies may be deployed that eliminate greenhouse gas emissions and sequester carbon dioxide, resulting in “net zero” emissions.


The Need

Zoetic Super Offset Credit Subscription is the ultimate solution for reducing your environmental impact and achieving net zero carbon emissions. Our unique subscription streamlines individual offset programs, providing 16 metric tons of Nature Based and Zoetic avoidance credits over one year—the equivalent to neutralizing an American's annual CO2 footprint. Join us as we strive for a greener planet by saving lives and protecting our future!


Save Lives & Preserve Nature

Nature Based Credits


The Atmosphere Super Credit is a novel, innovative type of carbon credit. It combines the benefits of multiple projects and multiple types of carbon credits into a single Super Credit. First, Atmosphere has identified nature-based projects that have a positive potential environmental impact and make significant contributions to their communities. Some of these projects support indigenous nations. Others preserve land with spectacular features. They eliminate the perverse incentives of additionality that reward landowners for clear-cutting their forests one year and then replanting them the next.

All have sufficient vegetation to sequester at least one metric ton of carbon annually. These nature-based credits are secured and pooled together to provide diversification and a broad, global impact. They have also been rigorously evaluated to ensure that all issues relating to land title, contractual restrictions, afforestation, and reforestation, among others, are documented and disclosed. In addition, all nature-based projects are verified by a reputable third party to ensure compliance with the United Nations Framework on Climate Change standards.

Zoetic Carbon Avoidance Credits


Zoetic is a solutions provider focused on delivering critical energy, water, food and healthcare technologies to areas of greatest need. Working in conjunction with its technology and strategic partners it has assembled a compelling portfolio of now solutions for now problems.

Zoetic has acquired key energy efficiency technologies that can provide immediate benefits such as substantial energy savings and emissions reduction.

Carbon avoidance credits are created by electrical usage reduction, Greenhouse Gas reduction, lower GWP, refrigerant recycling, equipment lifecycle is extended.

Zoetic means, “of or pertaining to life.” It embodies the dedication of its Co-Founder and Chairman, Jerome Ringo, who has been a leader in the climate movement for two decades. Zoetic is focused on the inclusion of areas of the world disproportionately impacted by climate change. Zoetic believes that critical solutions exist, what is needed is a next level commitment by leaders to implement them.

Reduces Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Reduces CO2 emissions.

Saves Lives

By reducing Carbon Dioxide and PM, it helps save lives by decreasing the risk of humans getting health risks including:

  • Alzheimers

  • Autism

  • Heart Attack

  • Stroke

  • Lung Disease

  • Asthma

  • Diabetes

  • Cancer

Reduces Particulate Matter

Reduces particulate matter substantially

Protects Nature

By reducing Carbon Dioxide and PM, it helps protect our planet by:

  • decreasing rate of glacier and polar ice melting

  • decreasing acid rain

  • protecting coral reefs

  • reducing smog and air pollution

We Go Above and Beyond


Subscription For Pets

Get the Zoetic Super Carbon Credit Subscription For Pets and help reduce your pet's carbon footprint! With just a monthly payment, you can offset 1.33 tons of CO2 per year - that is equivalent to the average US Pet-related emissions. Be part of something bigger today and make an environmental impact with one simple subscription!

Zoetic Super Carbon Credit Subscription

Zoetic Super Offset Credit Subscription is a revolutionary carbon offsetting package that will reduce your carbon footprint to net zero. Offering greater convenience than multiple individual offset programs, this unique subscription includes Nature Based and Zoetic avoidance credits, providing a comprehensive carbon-offset service for the whole year. 

Offset Your Carbon Footprint

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