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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Carbon Credit?
    Carbon credits are earned by organizations through projects that reduce carbon emissions and their impact on the environment. Each credit represents one metric ton of CO2 equivalent, allowing companies to work towards achieving a more sustainable future.
  • What is a Carbon Offset?
    The terms: carbon credits and carbon offsets are used interchangeably. Carbon offsets have become a driving force in fighting climate change. By representing the reduction of one metric ton (2,205 lbs) of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions per certificate, these certificates are an innovative way to create projects that aim to reduce pollution and fight global warming. Companies that are Polluters buy these credits to offset their carbon footprint. Individuals can do the same.
  • What is the difference between Carbon Credits and Carbon Offsets?
    "Carbon Credits" and "Carbon Offsets" are used interchangeably. They both are defined as a certificate representing one metric ton of carbon dioxide equivalent that is either prevented from being emitted into the atmosphere or removed from the atmosphere as the result of a carbon-reduction project. CARBON CREDITS:, we use the term "Carbon Credit" as the credits you receive from joining our Verified Credits Carbon Credit Program. In this program, we analyze your land to determine the amount of our Carbon Credits you can receive. Once you receive these credits, you can sell them through Verified Credits Exchange and receive funds to help you continue to support your business, land, community, and environment. CARBON OFFSETS: we use the term "Carbon Offset" as the certificate you receive when you purchase credits from one or more of our global projects. By buying these Carbon Offsets, you are helping offset your personal or businesses Carbon Footprint.
  • What is a Carbon Footprint?
    A carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gasses (including carbon dioxide and methane) that are generated by our actions. The average carbon footprint for a person in the United States is 16 tons, one of the highest rates in the world.
  • What activities should I offset?
    Offsets should be used for all activities that add to your carbon footprint. To safeguard our planet and its future, it's essential that we do all we can to minimize the effects of carbon emissions. Although reducing consumption is key for limiting climate change, many continue to contribute a small portion of unavoidable pollution - making offsets an important tool for combating these remaining environmental impacts. For individuals, the three most common and measurable activities include: (1) Car Travel: For car owners, burning gasoline poses a significant environmental risk. With its release of carbon emissions, it can have serious consequences for our planet's atmosphere if not managed properly. (2) Home Energy Use: Many individuals may be unaware that heating, cooling and the efficient use of household appliances can have a significant environmental impact. By reducing emissions through responsible operation of these daily items, we all contribute to a brighter future. (3)Air travel: Discover the environmental impact of air travel! A round-trip flight between New York and Los Angeles is equivalent to 2 months worth of car emissions from a single passenger. That's 120 gallons in jet fuel alone, making it more important than ever before to assess our flying habits. (4) Pets- Don’t forget you can purchase offsets for your pets as well with (1) additional carbon credit in most cases per year. For businesses: Businesses of all kinds can have a sizable carbon footprint due to activities such as employee commuting, office energy use, servers and data storage operations, various forms of travel by employees or shipping goods. Taking steps towards reducing these emissions is increasingly becoming an important concern for firms looking to maximize sustainability in the long-term.
  • How do I know I actually am helping the project of the carbon credit I am buying?
    The credits purchased are removed from a certified pool of super credits and ledgered for the time, pool number and amount annually. Therefore, the purchaser can look to the pool of credits and projects within the nature-based offsets and see real sustainability at work.
  • Can I pay monthly?
    Yes, we have a monthly subscription model for you, your family and pets.
  • Is there a certificate or some kind of ledger that confirms my purchase of the carbon credits?
    Yes, a certificate is immediately sent after the purchase. All credits committed to are set aside for the term of the commitment and ledgered with confirming time, date, amount and carbon credit pool. The purchased credits are retired upon purchase.
  • Are my carbon credits nature based?
    The carbon credits are from a pool of projects that include nature-based and transportation avoidance credits to create a Super credit.
  • What is a Super Credit ?
    Carbon credits that include nature-based and transportation credits to create a Super Credit because the combination offsets particulate matter by more than 30% known to help save lives.
  • Is my purchase of carbon credits really offsetting or helping people?
    The Super credits protect the land 1st because we don’t require additionality to issue credits and when combined with the reduction of particulate matter, lives are being saved including our pets.
  • What are the benefits of buying Carbon Offsets?
    Carbon offsets provide individuals and businesses with an opportunity to take responsibility for their emissions. Conservation is a critical part of mitigating climate change, but we must go even further in order to reduce the amount of greenhouse gasses present in our atmosphere. At Verified Credits, you can get carbon offset credits by investing in emission reductions projects worldwide that are making tangible differences on local levels. For corporations especially, calculating your carbon footprint gives valuable insight into how much energy resources you utilize - allowing companies to prioritize sustainability efforts more efficiently within the business plan. Offsetting these figures has been known to create financial value too!
  • Do the Offsets I buy improve my local environment?
    Climate change is a global issue that knows no boundaries - but luckily, the same can be said for its solutions. Offsets provide an opportunity to make a long-lasting impact on our planet's atmosphere from anywhere in the world; funding projects aimed at tackling climate change not only helps us here, but everywhere! Additionally, many of these initiatives come with enhanced local benefits such as reduced mercury and organic compounds present in water sources. In short: you don't have to think local when making global changes – offset today and leave your mark on tomorrow!
  • Where does my money go when I buy a Verified Credits Carbon Offset?
    By purchasing Verified Credit carbon offsets, you're contributing to some of the most successful emissions reduction projects around the globe. From continued preservation/ sustainability, reforestation and wind power production initiatives to methane capture programs at dairy farms, landfills, and coal mines - each project is held up to a strict standard of quality control with monitoring and verification protocols designed for maximum efficacy.
  • How does Verified Credits ensure that their offset projects are really making a difference?
    At Verified Credits, we ensure that our carbon offsets make a real difference and have an impact. Each project is thoroughly evaluated before it joins our portfolio to understand its contributions towards emissions reductions. Moreover, once added to the catalog of options for purchase, our projects don’t require additionality to be created – meaning any resulting reduction in CO2 will occur solely from buying one of these offsets rather than other circumstances or adding to scenarios independent from this choice being made.
  • Do I own the Carbon Offsets that I purchase?
    When you purchase a Verified Credits Carbon Offset Credit, we conserve atmospheric carbon reductions on your behalf. These permanent offsets will never be resold or used to permit pollution elsewhere. To thank our customers for their commitment and contribution, every offset purchased comes with a Carbon Offset Certificate!
  • What do I get when I purchase Carbon Offsets?
    An offset represents a verified reduction in carbon dioxide emissions. Your purchase is confirmed and ledgered through email with a Carbon Offset Certificate and receipt of the time, day and amount purchased.
  • How is Verified Credits different from other Carbon Offset Companies?
    At Verified Credits, we prioritize the quality of carbon reduction projects as well as customer accountability. All our credits are held to stringent standards and while this means a higher price than some other vendors, it is an honest cost for superior products that ensure verifiable results in protecting the environment and our carbon credits actually help save lives with our Avoidance Super Credit. “It may be the carbon credit that offers the most comprehensive reduction in greenhouse gas emissions while also providing the opportunity to save lives.”
  • Is Verified Credits Non-Profit or For-Profit?
    Verified Credits is on a mission to fight climate change through the power of business. Our for-profit social enterprise connects individuals and organizations looking to reduce their environmental footprint with projects that create renewable energy and eliminate greenhouse gasses. We strive towards operational efficiency in order to scale our efforts, transforming traditional corporate approaches into positive global impacts! Join us as together we progress closer towards reversing the destructive effects of climate change - one member at a time!
  • Can I deduct my Verified Credits purchase from my taxes?
    Always check with your accountant, of course. Businesses that purchase Verified Credits offset credits may enjoy the benefit of tax deductions, however individuals are not eligible for such a privilege.
  • Where do Verified Credits get their carbon credits to sell from?
    Carbon credits are obtained or created from companies that make products that reduce the emission of greenhouse gasses that would have been emitted in the absence of that technology. Reducing electricity usage, converting energy production from fossil fuels to renewable sources, and reducing effluents directly are all examples. Some of these reductions created by these companies can also decrease morbidity and many other adverse effects. Nature based Carbon Credits are obtained from nature-based projects that have a positive potential environmental impact and make significant contributions to their communities. Some of these projects support indigenous nations; others preserve land that has spectacular features. This eliminates the perverse incentives of additionality that reward landowners for clear cutting their forests one year then replanting them the next. All have sufficient vegetation to sequester carbon on an annual basis. They have also been rigorously evaluated to ensure that all issues relating to land title, contractual restrictions, afforestation, reforestation, and others, are documented and disclosed. In addition, all nature-based projects are verified by a reputable, third party to certify compliance with the United Nations Framework on Climate Change standards. These nature-based credits are secured and pooled together to provide for diversification and broad, global impact. Visit Atmosphere Group LTD website

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Frequently Asked Questions

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