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  • Pet Carbon Credit - Atmosphere Super Carbon Credits (ANNUAL)
  • Pet Carbon Credit - Atmosphere Super Carbon Credits (ANNUAL)
  • Pet Carbon Credit - Atmosphere Super Carbon Credits (ANNUAL)

Pet Carbon Credit - Atmosphere Super Carbon Credits (ANNUAL)


Introducing the Atmosphere Super Carbon Credit for Pets – an innovative, all-in-one carbon credit package! Our Super Credit combines Nature Based credits with Carbon Dioxide Permanent Avoidance credits, so you’ll be helping to protect our planet in multiple ways.  On average, our pets produce a carbon footprint of 1.33 tons of carbon dioxide per year. By purchasing this impactful credit, you will be able to offset your Pets carbon footprint for the whole year.


Nature-based credits come from various sustainable projects that positively and significantly impact global environmental initiatives. Your purchase supports indigenous nations and helps preserve natural habitats. 


The Permanent Carbon Avoidance portion of the Super Credit helps save lives by reducing the emission of greenhouse gases from electricity usage, energy production from fossil fuels, and more. By combining both project types into one purchase, you’re doing your part to tackle large-scale environmental issues and protect small communities in need. 


Each Super Carbon Credit provides for the sequestration of one metric ton of carbon dioxide. It may be the carbon credit that offers the most comprehensive decrease in greenhouse gas emissions while also providing the opportunity to save lives and protect the future of our planet! 

  • Individuals and businesses can offset their own GHG emissions by purchasing a sufficient quantity of Super Carbon Credits. The typical individual in the United States is responsible for 16 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. This is based on the average mileage driven each year, the amount of electricity used, travel onboard airplanes and cruise ships, consumption of food, and the manufacturing of other goods. Atmosphere provides a subscription service where consumers can purchase 1.33 Super Carbon Credits per month to achieve a net zero carbon footprint on a personal basis. They are issued a digital certificate to reflect the purchase. They can hold their credits, trade, or donate them. They are retired after one year to make the environmental impact permanent. Check out the Atmosphere Offset Super Credit!

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